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Club Atlético River Plate is based in the Nuñez neighborhood of Buenos Aires, however their support extends the length and breadth of the country. River Plate are also the most successful football club in Argentina with 36 league titles (to 2014, a year in which they are also reigning champions.

96 Come on River Plate "Come on River Plate" is one of the anthems present in every game. It is a theme that is repeated several times in the crowd during a game. Playlist
948 Oh Come on River Plate Typical chanting of the River. This song has become in an anthem. Playlist
3135 Cheer You on Until Death One of THE Anthems of River Plate Playlist
8824 You Are My Life Classical River chanting Playlist
9304 How Many Times I've Been Kicked River fans won't be stopped by the police Playlist
11005 Come On, Come on Millonario Another anthem focused on the courage and passion of the fans by the club. Playlist
16113 I'm from River Because Great song, which is almost an anthem of the fans. Playlist
18662 We're the Kids Who Support River Plate River Plate Playlist
21368 Put More Heart The Popular refers to the area in the ground where the ultras and more vocal fans stand and they ask players to leave everything on the court to win Playlist

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