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Club Almirante Brown

15510 ¡Brown, Mi Buen Amigo!

Brown fans show their unconditional support in this great FanChant

Chant of the Day Jan. 30, 2017

“An extremely popular chant in South America with this version sent in from fans of Argentinian club Almirante Brown. The tune was used in an Argentine public information advert about dogs and from there became immortalised on the terraces.”
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Song Lyrics

Brown, mi buen amigo,
Esta campaña volveremos a estar contigo,
Te alentaremos, de corazón,
Esta es tu hinchada que te quiere ver campeón,
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No me importa lo que digan,
Lo que digan los demás,
Yo te sigo a todas partes,
Cada vez te quiero más...

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